Welcome Remarks From Our Interim President - Khadija J. Beatty

As I start as the Interim President of this prestigious Association, which was registered on November 16th, 2016. I am honored and proud to present the welcome message and the goals for 2017-2018. 

I would like to congratulate the interim executive and members of the Association for their commitment and dedication to the mission of our Association.  Members are currently working diligently in the association organizing fundraising campaigns in which many of our compatriots and friends will be involved.  Our Goal is to raise $500.000.00, (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) by May 2018. The total donations to be received from all of the events are to be used to change the lives of the current students at the Methodist Girls’ High School (MGHS) located at Wilberforce, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

One of the goals of the Association is to make sure that the majority of students in need receive help which will enable them to study in a better environment and to be provided with uniforms, books, transportation, sex education and abstinence, and pure drinking water. Erecting another building, will help reduce student’s congestion and pave the way for students to attend school in a single morning shift.  To achieve this noble goal, we will continue to be committed as dedicated members of this Branch.  Kindly visit the events section of the Association’s website to apprise yourselves of our activities, and mark your calendars so that you also can be a part of the vision to improve and sustain the living conditions of our students.

I am also honored to thank all future sponsors, organizations, members, and private persons, who care for the students and our passion.  

We all know that Sierra Leone was in a brutal war which lasted for ten years.  This, in fact, added more problems for students, because the economic situation became more desperate.  The separation of students from their families due to this conflict also added to the financial constraints of families and students alike.

Members will always remember those who died including so many of Sierra Leone’s best doctors.
Even though the economic situation of the entire world is in trouble today, and the need for change is here, we who are fortunate to not find ourselves in war-torn countries should consider ourselves blessed.  I know it has not been easy for some of us to make our donations to help touch one life at a time, but I look forward to your support knowing truly well that these students have a right to live, to get an education, and go to college.

Our Association will be raising funds for the school and will continue our fundraising efforts, because we the alumnae of the Methodist Girls’ High School who are members of the Methodist Girls’ High School Global Alumni, Maryland Branch, have accepted the responsibility to help bring change in the lives of students who came after us.  I had many concerns when I visited the school in June 2016.  I left Freetown with the promise to myself that I will get involved and do my best to work towards raising funds to help the students.  On my return to the United States, I kept the promised and reached out to past students all over the world to join me in this venture and work together towards restoring the standard of learning and the school, improve the environment and seek to bring much needed assistance to the students.

The majority of us attended the MGHS when we had school buses, well equipped classrooms, clean bathrooms, pure drinking water and labs, a domestic science building, a kitchen and canteen, volleyball court, and a decent lunch pack or meal per day. Our mission today and for the next few years is to help give back, bring back and sustain the drive, and motivation of the current and future students of the MGHS in achieving an elite education in a conducive learning environment.  This will enable us meet the UNICEF’s millennium goal of a global education and transparency for all.  We know we can count on your support.

We will make a difference and we are blessed that you are onboard with us.  Finally, please continue to join us in our fundraising efforts as we all try to build a mutually rewarding relationship among all of us.

Khadija Jalloh Beatty
Interim President